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Tool of the Day 12/01/2012

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1 Tool of the Day 12/01/2012 on Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:16 pm


By Chuck Clemmons in group

Tool of the Day: The Wand
The wand is a thin rod of wood and often with a crystal or stone of some sort fixed on the tip. This does vaguely the same job as the Athame, it is a tool of invocation, or can be used to direct energy, to draw your you cirlce and magic symbols on the ground.

You can easily make a wand, go for a walk through the woods, or your home if you have trees, take in the be

auty of your surroundings and ask the Lord and Lady for a magical wand. You may instantly spot a fallen stick on the ground that you are drawn to, you'll know when you've found it. Take it home and decorate it however you choose.
Some people like to make really elaborate wands, other like to keep them simple. You can even make a collection of wands, each made from different woods to be used in different kinds of spells and rituals. I've heard the ideal length for a wand is from yourr elbow joint down to the tip of your middle finger. It is up to you.
The Wand is sacred of the God. In most traditions the wand represent the element Air.

Jenn I love you

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