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Tarot tips ( repost )

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1 Tarot tips ( repost ) on Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:26 pm


I read Tarot & do some oracle stuff for people both in RL & on-line. I started thinking about why people come to people like me & what their expectations are etc. I came up w/ some food for thought... thought I'd share...:

1. Know the kind of practitioner you require...

Not all psychics have the same talents and offer the same skills. Do you know the difference between a medium, a clairvoyant, a medical intuitive and a witch for example? Should you wish to communicate with someone who has passed, a medium is your best bet. If you wish to take a peek at your future, someone who is clairvoyant/clairaudient/clairsentient may be what you need. If you want some healing or diagnosis of a body issue a medical intuitive or energy worker is probably more relevant to you. Consulting a witch, for example, will generally get you very focused on what you want, what you don't want and they will employ a variety of techniques, including spellcraft, to get your moving toward your intention.

Of course many people have a number of gifts and talents so it's always best to ask what their process is before making an appointment.

2. Choose someone that people you know trust, recommend or that you "feel" is right for you.

One of the best ways to find someone reputable is to listen to the recommendations of other people you trust. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways of identifying a great practitioner.

The Australian Psychics Association is also a good place to start your search.

Also I believe the old saying that "when you are ready to learn the teacher will come." It is the same with gaining wisdom through the services of a psychic or healer. Perhaps by 'chance' you read an article about a practitioner, see them in the media, hear about them or happen upon their book or advertisement and you instinctively feel that this person would be of benefit to you..

3. Know how much you are spending

As you would with any product or service, ask up front how much the session will cost. Be very clear about what the prices are and how much of the psychic's time you will receive for this investment. Be wary of any one who will not give you his or her costs up front and this includes any future sessions with them.

4. Prepare

Once you have made the booking and the appointment day arrives be sure you have the address of the meeting place, leave yourself plenty of travel time and try to arrive promptly. Being late only adds stress to your energy and can interrupt the psychics as well. You will normally not receive your full allotment of time if the psychic has an appointment after yours and this will almost certainly limit your questions and the scope of your reading.

You might also bring a pad and pen to jot down important points if the practitioner does not record their readings. It is not common for Healers, Witches or Medical Intuitives to record their sessions.

5. Know why you are there:

Most people choose to visit a psychic or healer for a specific reason although some of us may just be curious about our future or wish to go just for 'entertainment' purposes. You will get more out of the reading if you keep this reason in mind. You may even wish to compose a list of questions to pose to the psychic. This way you won't forget any of the important queries that are on your mind and you can still concentrate on the reading.

6. Be honest and relax:

There is nothing worse for a psychic than someone coming to them just to see 'how many things they can get right". If it is just entertainment you want, I suggest you go to the movies or choose a person that treats their readings the same way- just as entertainment!

Instead, I suggest that you are honest about your reasons for coming and honest in your feedback and open to what the practitioner has to say. If you don't think that what they are saying is relevant to you or relates to your situation, express this in a calm and clear fashion. Not every one gets a connection with every client and a professional reader will openly communicate this with you if it happens.
Similarly, if the psychic is doing a great job...tell them! It is important to give positive feedback so that the psychic knows they are on the right track. By no means am I suggesting that you tell the psychic everything about yourself, but if you have some specific needs it is worth sharing those so they can better focus on your needs.

I would also say from personal experience that a surprising amount of clients are quite anxious when they come to me. This may be because they are nervous about the reading worried about their current situation or even about meeting me! I always try and make the client feel as relaxed as possible and may even get them to do some gentle breathing exercises to enable them to soften and open their energy.

7. Action the Insights you get:

I am often amazed that people take the time and effort to book a session with a psychic practitioner, and even though they may have waited a long time for the appointment and had a good experience, they do not act on any of the insights that have been bought forth for them. This really is such a waste of time.

Whilst it is important to use your own judgment and free will to make decisions moving forward, to completely ignore all the suggestions being made to you (unless your intuition tells you otherwise) is not good use of the wisdom that had been shared with you. Take the insights that have been given to you and make a plan about what you will and won't act upon and follow this.

I hope these few points assist you next time you decide you are ready for an oracle or psychic reading and that your experience is a positive one!

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