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Fact of the Day 11/27/2012

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1 Fact of the Day 11/27/2012 on Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:47 am


Fact of the Day:
The Leviathan is a Biblical sea monster, a mythical creature referred to in sections of the Old Testament, and while a popular metaphor in both Judaism and Christianity, the creature nonetheless is viewed differently in each religion. The creature can either be seen as a metaphor for the sheer size and power of God's creative abilities, or a demonic beast. In this context, the Leviathan is regarded as the monster of the waters, while the Behemoth and the Ziz are regarded as monsters of the earth and the air, respectively. Outside of religion, leviathan has become synonymous with any large sea creature, particularly whales.

The term Baphomet may have come from two Greek words, Baphe and Metis meaning “absorption of knowledge.” – religioustolerance.org
Baphomet is one of the most controversial figures within the history of the occult. The symbol is often used by Satanists but older practitioners of The Craft had no problem using the symbol of Baphomet as well. Sabbatic Witches along with Traditional witches have always used the symbol of Baphomet within their rites throughout the ages. The old wood carvings showing Baphomet along with a female figure in attendance at witches sabbaths have been depicted in art for many years and they are a visual testament to the classical witches of old. The Ancient Mystery Schools both east and west used monstrous figures which were displayed outside of temples and within sacred groves to ward off anyone who would let appearances alone frighten them form entering their schools. Traditional Witches understand the symbolism behind this figure because we know this is not an "idol" it's a representation of harmony between two polarities, a place were opposites meet.

Within many of the old Mystery Schools the figure of Baphomet represents many occult truths, one of which is his association with the four elements EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER. His wings represents the element air, the top of his head between his horns burns a torch which of course is representative of fire. He sits on top of the world (the earth), and he's surrounded by the the element water.
Baphomet is also associated with the phases of the moon, one hand points to the full moon while the other points to the Dark Moon. These hand gestures express the perfect harmony between opposite polarities. The Dark Moon represents our actions and *Our Will to Action* toward our goals. The Full Moon represents the fulfillment of those goals.
The two horns of Baphomet represents duality and the lotus flame (the black flame) that burns between them represents the eternal flame that destroys duality and causes us to see everything as being connected to the universe that surrounds us all. The flame is symbolic of universal equilibrium. The two snakes that face each other at his solar plexus represents the coming together of opposites. The solar plexus is also representative of our *WILL* and the Chi force within us. Within the solar plexus there's a circle representing the dome of the heavens, and the star mantle of the earth; this symbol is known as the Caduceus it represents eternal life, and the cycle of renewal. The two snakes also act as guardians of the Heart Chakra they stand guard against any impurities that may effect it.
The Symbolism behind Baphomet show that he is the lord of the four worlds (Plant, Animal, Sea Creature, and Human).

1) Plant: Represented by the Lotus.

2) Animal: Represented by the Goat

3) Sea Creature: Represented by his scales

4) Human: Represented by his male and female features.

On his right hand he has the word Solve which means to find an answer or explanation for. On his left hand he has the word Coagula which comes from the word Coagulate which means to change from a fluid into a thickened mass.

The female breasts symbolize the life giving essence given to us by the female. Baphomet's male and female attributes shows that he is a hermaphrodite both male and female and worthy of our respect.

Jenn I love you

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