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Energy Work of the Day 11/27/2012

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1 Energy Work of the Day 11/27/2012 on Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:50 am


Energy Exercise of the Day:
From The Inner Temple by Christopher Penczak
Page 81 Exercise Two: Feeling Energy

The purpose of this exercise is to physically feel some of the spiritual energy that you personally generate. Once you feel it, you will be able to manipulate this energy through your will and intent. This is a fundamental building block for magic and psychic development.
1. Hold your hands about three feet apart, palms facing each other. Close your eyes if you would like. Allow the experience to happen naturally.
2. Bring your hands together slowly. Be aware of the sensation. Notice any feelings that come in waves or layers. These are the layers or levels of your aura. Some levels offer more ‘resistance’ than others. Try it several times with eyes closed and open. If you have difficulty, start over but begin by rubbing your hands together.

**Note: Rubbing your hands together offers the opportunity to get your magic flowing.

Jenn I love you

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